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Ibogaine experience of Toronto

In Toronto Canada, there is a man that want to tell his story about ibogaine experience. His name is Albert and he is 40 years old. He becomes an alcoholic since divorced his wife in 2008. He could spend 3 to 5 bottles alcohol in a day and it can be more if he felt dizzy with his business. In 2011, he was broke and did not have anything but he still can not leave his habit that consuming alcohol. Sometimes he stole the alcohol in the minimarket or pilfer to buy the alcohol. He is getting worse with this new habit and even gets more troubles. Until he was imprisoned and met the former drug addicts. This man named John and he was imprisoned because of wrongful arrest. John is still considered a drug user but actually he was not taking harmful substances for several months. He was doing ibogaine treatment that made him do not want to consume cocaine again. After he listens to the story of Albert, he gave Albert advice to do ibogaine treatment if he wants to leave his darkness.

Easy to find ibogaine center in Toronto because it is legal and received permission from the government. After obtaining the advice from John, Albert makes a plan to go to his brother house and ask him to accompany to ibogaine center. Actually, he had little confidence with John’s story especially John is the new one he knew but he wants to try it. He did ibogaine treatment for a few weeks and he gets the result that he never imagined. He can let from alcohol and can to not tasted it. He makes his brother surprised with his changes. Now, Albert gets a job and he can improve his life. He tells this story to his child and hopes they do not follow Albert.