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Be Secured By Your Social Security Card

Identity theft Is when an Individual obtains another person’s personal data and uses this Information to
commit fraud for monetary gain. In almost every country in the world now, criminals have been known to withdraw funds from other eo Ie’s bank accounts and even Incur debts ‘ their victim’s names For more
information go to_ Criminals can not only steal a person’s money. but the can ruin their reputation as well by purchasing Illegal Items and even filing for bankruptcy Identity thefthin the United States had gotten out of hand because It Is a relatively new crime. but now laws and penalties are being placed on the books too harshly punish the wrong doers. sosial security card

In America, Identity theft leads to losses of about 5 billion dollars eve ear For this reason. the Us Government has made it theirjob to help protect people’sflnumbers b makih it hi hly illegal for someone else to use It unless they are authorized by the law Having someone‘sflnumber is one of the main ways Identity thieves can obtain valuable personal Information

There are various ways In which a person’s Identity ma be stolen Identity thieves steal walletsv purses from
which they obtain credit , driver’s license and—, They may also steal our mail to obtain bank and credit statements and important tax Information. For Identity thettireasons you should always be watchful of personal information and it at anytime any of it comes up missing or stolen immediately contact the appropriate company as well as legal authorities

Criminals have also been found to rummage through trash and public dumps looking for personal information
Better Identity theft-may be achieved by being certain you shred any valuable and personal information before uttIng in the trash.
Identity them“ achieved by protecting you—number When one has access to someone’s number, they can also access their credit information, therefore, increasing the risk
of Identity theft,