Reduce your domain registration costs

Cheaper Domain Names

Cheaper Domain Names

Too many times I hear webmasters say that they are paying too much for their domains. If you just buy outright from domain providers then you end up getting charged a fortune. This post will help you reduce the cost of a domain from around the $10-$15 mark to $2-$5 per domain that you have.

It’s really quite simple and it relies on competition. Your first step is to identify your larger domain hosts. This is rather easy and usually you can rely on , and one other of your choice. Once you have your list go to and do a search on the domain provider of choice.

You will find vouchers from all of the providers and be able to pick the best one for your particular situation.

Remember that this doesn’t just apply to a brand new domain that you are trying to register. This also applies to domains that are expiring – you’d be amazed at what savings you can get if you just go to this effort and look at transferring your domain across from your current provider.

You see – domain companies are relying on your laziness to make money. They hope that you just renew the domain and don’t shop around.

To give you an idea of some of the recent activity.

Godaddy offered a $1.95 .com registration on new domains offered a FREE 1 year registration if your transferred your domain to them.

You can quickly see how all of these items add up and don’t end up costing you a fortune! Be sure to shop around and look into this you’ll be happy that you did!

Private Domain Name Registration

Private Domain Registration

PrivateDomain Registration

Private registration is a topic that is often forgotten these days. People generally see it as a scam by registrars to try and extort more money from their customers. I personally see it differently. If you have to shop from a registrar be sure to read my post about looking for discounts. Using discounts you can usually reduce your WHOIS privacy type registration down by around 50%.

The other alternative that I’ve been looking for and have finally found is to use a service that is separate from the registrar itself. What this service then achieves is to be able to provide the same service as a registrar without the excessive costs. Sure it may take a little more work, in that I have to manually update the domain myself rather than the registrar doing it all automatically but I’ve found that at the price offered it’s a STEAL!

So why are people using private domain registration these days? Well there are a number of reasons

1.) To reduce spam – this is so that spammers can’t harvest your “real” email address from the whois records

2.) To protect identity – some website owners prefer to hide their actual identity. This is usually used when someone runs a site that includes politically different views and ideas

3.) To protect from identity fraud – WHOIS records show a lot of data – unfortunately this data can be misused by some people and as such it’s best not to show it.

So to fininsh off – if you are looking for a service as described above that offers domain protection at around $1.30 / year or less be sure to check out

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